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Endpoint Protection (EPP)


With an ever-evolving threat of ransomware, the endpoint protection suite offers cutting-edge protection to your network and connected devices. We at Seqrite focus on software data security and provide businesses with the right tools to ensure data protection for a secured enterprise. From detection scans to asset management, Seqrite Endpoint Security products ensure complete network protection to address cyber threats.

Features of Seqrite Endpoint Protection

BitLocker Encryption Management for Data Security

Allows central management of BitLocker encryption policies, keys, and recovery options, ensuring robust data security and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Application Control Safelist/Blocklist

Restricts application access based on Zero Trust methodology. Allows defining application permissions depending on the Operating System, including default OS and SEQRITE applications. Offers a ‘Monitoring Only’ mode to record application access for administrative viewing without blocking it.

Google and YouTube Access Controller

Blocks Personal and allows Corporate Google Access based on the administrator’s chosen account domains. Blocks YouTube Videos depending on the Content Category, Publisher Name, etc.

Endpoint Threat Hunting

Endpoint Threat Hunting (ETH) is an effective way to search for files that match malicious hashes across your endpoints. ETH detects hidden attacks based on the hashes provided by a user and helps hunt them down before they cause any harm to the system

Automated IoC Search

Integrates with MISP server for Threat Feeds. These File Hashes from MISP will be searched regularly (daily/weekly), and results will be populated on the reports.

Real-time IoC Blocking

Submit File Hashes for continued investigation of malicious content and real-time blocking.

Migration from EPS v7.6

Facilitates migration of Endpoints, Users, Groups, and Policies to the new EPS Server setup. It also allows migration in batches/groups of endpoints.

Rapid Query to Endpoint

Fetches endpoints in real-time to gather information from pre-defined data sources on the Endpoints.

File Sandboxing

Integrate with SEQRITE Cloud Sandbox to analyse suspicious files for malware. No reason to buy and operate hardware or software for Malware Analysis.


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Seqrite ZTNA


Securing user access to enterprise applications across borderless workspaces. SEQRITE ZTNA enables organizations to strengthen their security by enforcing a zero-trust user access paradigm. Our secure and centralized platform eliminates the need for VPNs while providing complete visibility on all user activity, ensuring maximum protection for your enterprise applications and services.

Holistic Zero Trust Security Network Access Architecture Model

Leverage Zero-trust Cognizance

Enforce zero-trust user access policies for every employee, contractor, or vendor staff accessing all types of enterprise applications and services.

Monitor User-Activity in Real-time

With advanced correlation between all users, services and applications, organizations can view connection flow between them across organizational IT infrastructure in real-time.

Contextual zero-trust policies

Classify user-entity landscape based on business context. Implement zero-trust model policies based on set classification and security requirements.


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